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Cookies - what is it?

Cookies are files created and stored on the device used to browse the Internet. These files contain information that helps identify the device in order to create anonymous statistics to visit the site. Cookies usually contain information about the origin of (name of the website), the duration (length of life) cookies, browser identifier, or a unique number created for the visitor's session.

What cookies are created and placed on the sides?

With cookie can to some extent you evaluate the interest of a party which allows the owner of the website to improve it through better matching of content and form of service to the expectations of visitors.

Cookie - file types

For correct use of the pages are created and used files and session files permanently. Session files are temporary files, stored on the device used to browse the internet until you log out from a web page or closing the browser. Files permanently remain on the unit for the time defined in the file, they can also be removed earlier from the browser by the user. List of cookies: iNoticeClosedX (where X is a digit) - tells the script whether the message eg. Indicating cookies is turned off / accepted. Disabling cookies with the same name, will that messages will be always displayed. Data visitor's are not transferable.

Can I use this site you can get a cookie other entities?

Yes. You can obtain the cookie from the parties executing marketing campaigns and statistical data and socialmedia. Their regulations cookie policy can be found on the relevant pages of information these sites.

Can cookies be removed from your device?

You can, of web browsers allow you to save your settings to block cookies, delete them from the device or information on the attempt to save a cookie on your device. Download cookie blocking may have a negative impact on the presentation of resources website or limit some of its functionality. It also blocks the ability to collect anonymous data to help improve the website in terms of quality of content and form. Descriptions of ways cookies in different browsers, refer to the relevant information provided by the developers of these browsers.

Cookie Privacy Policy Changes

The owner of this page reserves the right to change this privacy policy by publishing a new privacy policy on this website.

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