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History of Kłodzko

Kłodzko is a city which is located on strategic area, polish and czech trade router. This fact has caused that history has touched city stormily. Kłodzko has received city laws in 1233 year.

City has historical roots in 10th century. From 900 year to 1100 year Kłodzko often used to get under the dominion of Czechs in result of war.

A new stage for the town was opened by the verdict of the king of Chechs, George from Pobierad, who announced Kłodzko as independent county.

In 1560 Klodzko got under the dominiom of dynasty of Habsburgs. Since 1763 the Land of Kłodzko bacomes the integral part of Prussia. At the beginning of the 19th century city was plundered by Frencz in result the Napoleon Wars. The second half the last century was the time of economic flourishment of city which has broken by I and II Word War. Kłodzko has become polish city after end of II Word War.

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