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Kotlina Kłodzka

The Land of Kłodzko is a the biggest mountain valley in Sudety Mountains about total surface 500 suare kilometers. The Land of Kodzko is one of most touristic attractive areas in Poland and has extended touristic infrastructure and accommodation link. The Land of Kłodzko is surround by famuos polish mountain range: West and East Sudety mountains. In central piont of the Land of Kłodzko is a river, The Nysa Kłodzka.

Touristic values of the Land of Kłodzko

The Land of Kłodzko is a very charming aera which has many touristic attractions, for example: one of the most famous caves in Poland Bear Cave in Kletno.

Nature reserves in the Land of Kłodzko:

  • National Park Stołowe Mountains
  • New Morawa (Bielskie Mountains)
  • Puszcza Śnieżnej Białki (Bielskie Mountains)
  • Bukowa Kalenica (Bardzkie Mountain)
  • Śnieżnik Kłodzki ( Śnieżka Mountain)
  • Waterfall on the river Wilczka
  • Moorland in Zieleniec pod (Bystrzyckie Mountains)

Health resorts

Thanks for sources of mineral waters which are localized in the area of the Land of Kłodzko many famuos heath resorts have estabilished here. Renown of these Heath resorts are known not only in Poland.

The most popular Health Resort in area of The Land fo Kłodzko:

  • Duszniki Zdrój
  • Długopole Zdrój
  • Kudowa Zdrój
  • Polanica Zdrój
  • Lądek Zdrój
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