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Monuments of Kłodzko

Kłodzko is main cultural and touristic center of the Land of Kłodzko. Umpteen attractions of this city are known not only in Poland. The most important historical monument of Kłodzko.

  • Kłodzko Fortess

    The 18th century fortess in Kłodzko is bulit on Castle Hill, rising high above the town. It is one of the oldest military installations in Pland, a fascinating complex of casemates, bastions, mysterious mazes and passages.

  • Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary

    It is a exceptional gothic church with unique architecture which bulid has started in XVI century. This church is caled the greatest historical monument of the Land of Kłodzko.

  • Kościół Matki Boskiej Różańcowej

    This church has been bulit in 1631 year. Next church has been rearranged in XVII century. The main attraction of this temple is a polychromy which has been made by Scheffera probably.

  • Medieval Gothic Bridge

    It is the biggest bridge in Pland which is made of stone. It is located on Młynówka. Medieval gothic bridge is similar to the Bridge of Carol in Prague.

  • City-hall

    It is main residence of local government. City-hall has been bulit in XIV century. Next it has been rearranged in XIX century.

  • Old Buildings of Kłodzko

    It is a charming district of Kłodzko where We can see majority of all antiques of city. In the City is about 400 antiques which are registred.

  • Museum of the Land of Kłodzko

    Museum is localized in stylish accommodation Order of Jesuit. Museum owns many exhibition which show history of Kłodzko.

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